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A Few Minutes Rich Woman Who Has Done 16 million pound Shopping Who Is she…?

A Few Minutes Rich Woman Who Has Done 16 million pound Shopping Who Is she

A Few Minutes Rich Woman Who Has Done 16 million pound Shopping Who Is she? The Name Of The Woman Came Out…..
The woman, who raised £ 16m at herds in one of London’s most expensive shopping malls, lost her appeal against the National Crime Agency, after which she could lose her luxurious home in London’s expensive area. Is the first person to fall under the law of the ‘Expland Wealth Order’ (wealth that is not specified) and is trying to save his £ 15m house and a golf course in London. Have to tell them where they got the money from which they got a bungalow near Heards and a cow in Berkshire. F bought the course.
Zamira Haji Eva’s husband is a banker and imprisoned in Azerbaijan jail for embezzlement. The two spouses deny any wrongdoing, and Haji Eva has not been charged in any case in the UK yet. Rejecting his appeal, the judge did not allow Zamira Haji Eva to take the case to the Supreme Court and ordered her to pay the costs of the trial by the National Crime Agency.
Justice Burnett and two other senior judges said that the proceedings were valid under the new Anti-Corruption Act (‘Unspecified Wealth Order’) on Haji Eva. This new law requires the court to ensure that no There is ample evidence to suspect that the property he purchased does not match his income.This is an important decision and the court’s decision sets an example for future cases. This means that the authorities are now suspected of having links with corrupt foreign governments, especially criminals. That they can freeze the assets of their families who live in millions of pounds worth of homes in London.
During which they will have to provide their income and income details to the National Crime Agency and if they cannot do so, the agency can freeze their assets. They will review and decide whether these details are legitimate or should their assets be frozen. If the agency finds these accounts to be fake or false, they could be prosecuted and jailed.

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