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The Criminal Will Be Publicly Executed

The Criminal Will Be Publicly Executed

The Criminal Will Be Publicly Executed. Learn More…

A resolution to publicly execute the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children has been approved by the Pakistan National Assembly, a resolution presented by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ali Muhammad Khan at the National Assembly meeting on Friday. Of

Earlier in the National Assembly, the bill passed in the name of Zainab on the protection of children suggested a life sentence for those who committed such a crime.

Ali Mohammad Khan said that when the bill was presented to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Rights, the Pakistan People’s Party opposed the death sentence and suggested a life sentence, after which the Standing Committee The recommendations were adopted in the National Assembly.

He said that the incidence of sexual violence against underage children in the society is increasing alarmingly, which is causing not only children to become insecure but also their parents and relatives are in serious concern.

Ali Mohammed Khan said it was now imperative to make a mark for those involved in such serious crimes.

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