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Make a Sperm with Electricity

Make a Sperm with Electricity

Make a Sperm with Electricity

According to one study, sperm extracted from a human body should be allowed even after it dies. Sperm can be extracted from human body after dying for the offspring.

In 2017 alone, 2345 children were born in the UK thanks to ‘sperm donation’. However, due to stringent laws across the UK, the practice of sperm donation is diminishing.

Sperm can be obtained by heating a prostate gland by operation of a male’s dead body or by electric shock and thus can be frozen. Likewise, sperm can also be obtained from the dead body.

Doctors believe that if a person donates various organs to his body to relieve him of trouble and extend his life, then it is considered morally acceptable, then there is no reason why other problems such as infertility. People with HIV could not get this sperm.

Doctors think the family of a dying man may ask questions about permission from the family, and there may be concerns about keeping the donor’s name confidential. Doctors think more people will come to donate sperm after death. Sperm donation is just as good as donating other organs to the body.

For me, a London man who has donated sperm in the past said that for me, the goal of sperm donation is to help Jane or anyone else but to help those in need. If more information is given about the process of donating sperm donation, then more people will agree to donate sperm donation.

A Legal Example

In the UK in 1997, a woman won the right to use her dead husband’s sperm. In 1995, two months after trying to start a family with his wife, Diane, Stephen Blood suffered a neck break. He walked in and could not testify that his sperm could be used or not, although upon request of his wife, two samples were obtained from his body.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Act of 1990 prevented Diane from using her deceased husband’s sperm. However, later on their request, the court allowed them to use the sperm for treatment of anemia anywhere in the UK as well as in the European community.

Diane gave birth to her son, Joel, in 2002, from her husband’s sperm. A year later, Diane also won the legal battle to have her deceased husband legally surrender his son.

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