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Murad Sayeed and Bilawal Bhutto Fight

Murad Sayeed and Bilawal Bhutto Fight
Written by Nadeem Muneer

Murad Saeed and Bilawal Bhutto fight. Learn the reason in this report;

Murad Saeed’s poetic sarcasm, echoed by the laughter of the House, Bilawal left the National Assembly before Murad Saeed’s speech began. Murad Saeed’s poetic humor on Bilawal…

When Murad Saeed read the poem and hurt Bilawal, the House echoed with laughter. Murad Saeed read the poem in such a way and made a joke on Bilawal.

اردو سے ہو اتنا کیوں بیزار انگلش سے ہے کیوں اتنا پیار

چھوڑو بھی یہ رٹا یار۔۔۔ ٹوئنکل ٹوئنکل لٹل اسٹار

Criticizing Bilawal Bhutto, Murad Saeed said, “We kept hearing that he would listen too but did not know that he would run away, what accidental chairman would teach us democracy, waving slip and come into politics and our leader. Criticize, we have been working hard not to come on a slip.

Murad Saeed further said that if son Zardari had such a conversation in the future, he would not give the answer to successor Zardari which he deserves. In the future if son Zardari had such talk then I would not allow him to speak. Bring your next speech and listen to others’ speeches.

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